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The graceful, confident & bold woman I am today is not who I was years ago. I was once insecure, fearful, broken, bound, and empty inside. I lived life aimlessly trying to fill voids in my heart with people, material things, achievements, and whatever of value that could give my life meaning. You wouldn't believe how much I struggled with ungodly beliefs, feeling inadequate, unfruitful, helpless and hopeless. Not to forget I was confused about my life purpose too! Many of my problems were rooted in trauma from rejection, hurt, fear, loss and pain.

At this point, you're probably wondering what's my story? Well, I'll give you the short version...

You see, I grew up as "little miss perfect". The one who could do no wrong and was often rejected for being different. I felt pressured to perform for the affirmation and approval of people. Then one day, it finally happened...one poor decision led to me, "little miss perfect", getting pregnant. The guilt and shame of my mistake anguished me for nine long months. I was 18 years old when my sweet little blessing entered this world. She was 6lbs and 9 ounces of pure joy. Nevertheless, the pain still had me in its grip. Due to complications after giving birth to her I was rushed into emergency surgery. Imagine the joy of beholding the sight of a beautiful bright-eyed baby girl one minute then awakening from a deep sleep hours later in pain...barren. Stripped of my womb and the essence of what makes me a woman. Deprived of my capacity to carry and give birth. From that moment forward my life changed drastically and I didn't have a clue of just how much. In the years following, I felt robbed of my femininity and identity. I blamed God and even my husband for my loss due to prior circumstances before giving birth to our daughter. I resented him deeply as the years went by. Why? Because I felt incomplete as a woman while he still possessed every part that made him whole as a man.

I often questioned God, Why me? What did I do to deserve this punishment?

Again, this overwhelming pressure to perform and produce in life what other women could do so effortlessly crushed me. Yet, I paraded around like a broken beauty wearing a mask of confidence and contentment; feeling ashamed and inadequate to even ask for help. After all, "no one on earth could understand my pain", I thought. So, I named stinking thinking my therapist, and prescribed isolation as my treatment. A dark cloud of barrenness hovered over me until I became comfortable hiding under its shadow. I grew fearful of experiencing new things and I built walls around my heart to protect myself from more hurt and rejection. The weariness of masking my deficiencies and insecurities became too heavy. I was tired of being broken; defending the person I was at the expense of becoming the woman I knew God designed me to be. I failed miserably at trying to control my own life for years, so I cried out to God in full surrender and placed my life's broken pieces into the hands of the only One who could make me whole. I'm so glad that God loved me too much to leave me the way I was. Now, here I stand today...Healed, Empowered, and Restored! I haven't arrived...My story is still being written, as is yours. My journey is simply proof that there is healing, freedom, and beauty in brokenness God's way. You only need to surrender to His process.


Tacondra L Brown

Tacondra L. Brown is a wife, mother, author, speaker. preacher, creative entrepreneur, and a transformational catalyst of hope and healing. Out of all the roles she functions in, her husband and daughter are the subject of her most important ministry and calling. Tacondra is the founder and CEO of MetamorpHER Unlimited, a faith-based self-development company that exists to activate, equip, empower, and inspire transformation in the lives of worthy women warriors on a mission to believe, build and beautifully become all they desire and all God designed.


Tacondra is a first-generation college graduate and earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a concentration in Christian Health, Life, Leadership, and Marriage Coaching from Liberty University. Her professional background includes property insurance, serving as a community care worker for the elderly and disabled, and providing case management services for nonprofit organizations assisting the homeless, veterans, domestic violence, and sexual assault victims.


Tacondra has worked behind the scenes with professional brands and ministry leaders to coordinate and plan conferences and events and she is also passionate about writing.  She serves as an editor & writing coach for Luminous Publishing and The Writers Retreat Inc., which assists faith-based writers in crafting and refining their God-given message for the masses. These are just a few of the experiences, roles, and functions that shape her character, substance, and significance.

Vocally gifted, very insightful, and extremely compassionate, Tacondra is known for her beautiful spirit, contagious presence, her straightforward, transparent, and simple approach to advising others while merging biblical principles with the practicalities of everyday living. Her story reaches the hearts of all people struggling with fear, rejection, worthlessness, inadequacy, barrenness, broken beliefs, feeling stuck, and unable to soar in life. In every session, conference, workshop, seminar, or ministry assignment she is given, Tacondra inspires you to discover purpose in your pain, persevere through the process of transformation, and arise beautifully into your full potential and power!