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Hello Beautiful

I'm Tacondra! 

Welcome to my home on the world-wide web! I don't believe it's by coincidence that you are here but by divine appointment. I have found that most women in the process of growingtransforming, and becoming the bold, empowered, authentic woman God designed are connected to me. Perhaps, the reason you're reading this now is because you are on a similar path. I believe our Heavenly Father is intentional about you walking the path of freedom and into the future He has paved for you. Throughout your journey, you may be desperate for answers, hope, encouragement, guidance, and someone who understands your struggles. 

I'm often asked about...

  • Becoming Your Authentic Self

  • Inner-Healing & Freedom

  • Self-Love & Worth

  • Marriage & Parenting

  • Identity & Purpose

  • Getting Unstuck

  • Building & Birthing Visions 


I wish we could sit together, sip on coffee-or tea if that's your thing-and have in-depth conversations surrounding the topics I'm often asked about! Maybe one day we will, but for now, explore this site and other ways you can grow, learn from, and connect with me!  

Books to   Transform Your Life

Transformed From Pain to Purpose

Transform Your Pain Into Purpose!

More than a memoir, this book offers you hope and inspiration to rise above guilt and shame, and to find purpose in your pain.

Tacondra L. Brown Beautifully Transformed

Here's The Truth About Beauty...

We must confront the beast in order to embrace the beauty! Discover the truth about your worth, the way God sees you, and how valuable you really are!

Tacondra Devotional

Fly With Me...

On a 7-day journey of hope, healing, and restoration from brokenness while discovering the depth of God's love and promises.

Join the Journey Here

What Others Are Saying...

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Tacondra's story as a teen parent, and facing rejection throughout her life hits close to home for me. This book has impacted me to know that I can overcome past hurts, loneliness, and rejection in my life. Thank you!

on Transformed From Pain to Purpose


This author redefined Beauty in a Classic, Timeless and Compelling way. Some of the questions that the author asked revealed answers that can stand a change of thought and action. I am against the definition of beauty that society gives, because it's fallacious and oftentimes, impossible for the greater portion of humanity to achieve. It's all about the outside, but the inside is ignored. This book deals with Beauty flowing the inside-out! Masterpiece!

on Beautifully Transformed Discovering Beauty In The Beast

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There are many layers to Tacondra... starting from the outside  to the inside.  She is like a delicate gift of  Ferrero Rocher chocolate. With every bite of her heart, wisdom, advice, coaching, and her life she shares, it only gets better .

Thank you for being my guide, mentor, and voice of reason!  

On Coaching/Mentoring

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This book was such a blessing in my life. I really didn't know what to expect when I started reading it, but I literally could not put it down until it was finished. It forced me to reflect on my own life and the things in my past that have burdened my present. The author is very authentic and her journey is a great example of how God can heal and restore. Young or old, this book will be a blessing in your life.

on Transformed From Pain to Purpose

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Tacondra is a bold woman of God. One who is confident in who she is, funny, down-to-earth, compassionate and uplifting while remaining true to herself. I look at her and say, "the same God that lives in her, lives in me!" Tacondra gives me hope that I can do great things for the Kingdom. I may not know what these things are, but I will. Tacondra speaks in a way that I can understand the word. She makes it plain. Thank you for being unapologetically  you!


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