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The WarriHERS Retreat

A retreat for the brave, bold, and the beautiful. 

A Holy Spirit-filled woman fighting spiritual battles and known to be brave, bold, and beautiful.

Let me guess what your superpowers are. You're...

  • The strong one.

  • A pure heart that stands up for those whose voices aren't amplified. 

  • The prayer warrior and intercessor who hears from God, but often questions if you're crazy.

  • A vivid dreamer

  • A loner but lover of God and people with everything in you.

  • The one everyone leans on when their world is falling apart.

But you rarely have someone to lean on when you're being crushed by the weight of the world.



Well, if you're worn with weariness from fighting spiritual battles, if you're navigating a wilderness season and looking for language that speaks to your unique experiences and identity, this retreat is built for you.

 Wouldn't it be nice to bond with like-minded battle beauties and enjoy a relaxing and luxurious environment where you can take off your armor, bind up your wounds, and build the warriHER in you?  Come and experience rest without wrestling, recovery plus discovery, and release with The Father's peace.

The WarriHERS Retreat Mission

The WarriHERS Retreat is founded by healing and transformational mentor Tacondra L. Brown whose mission is to  heal , empower, and restore HER. This retreat is a safe-haven for Wounded WarriHERS of faith to recover from spiritual battles then be released back into their God-given missions. In this space,  there will be rest and retreating inwardly so that the wounded parts of you can be made whole.  

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