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Mentoring with me is transformational, not transactional. I'm here to help you overcome every obstacle as you go through your process of transformation.

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Am I Your Mentor?

Well, you determine the answer to that...

The decision is yours to choose me as your mentor. But here are a few reasons why I believe you may want to consider me:

I'm unconventional! I don't look or act like the average mentors out there! I live outside of the box! That is what makes me DIFFERENT.


 I offer authentic, practical, and transparent guidance beyond skills and professional expertise. I care for your soul, spirit, and total well-being! Spiritual and personal development is my niche. I include issues like work/life balance, boosting confidence, improving self-image, mindset and more, and my person-centered approach to mentoring is relational, unique, and fits the needs of my mentees. 

I Know Why You Are Here: 

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  • You are tired of being everything to everyone else except yourself!

  • You feel stuck and need someone to help guide you into your next level.

  • You wrestle with fear, frustration, and disappointment 

  • You have ideas, dreams, and visions but lack clarity, confidence, support, and the capacity to birth them.

  • You are ready to grow, transform, believe, build, and learn resilience to become the best version of yourself!

If this is you...