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Welcome Beautiful Butterflies!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

I'm so excited to have you visit my blog! I am all about healing, transformation, and sharing our journey's with one another. In February 2018 I hosted my first Transformation Time Event. A group of beautiful ladies came together and we discussed overcoming the pain of loss, confronting guilt, shame, and past mistakes, healing, and how to transform our pain into power and purpose. I'm thrilled because I get to share my voice with the world and I also get to build an active online community with you!! YOU should be just as excited! Why? Because as a valued follower, you can sign up easily to become members of my blog!

What can you do as a member?

As a member you can follow others, write and reply to comments and receive blog notifications. Each member gets their own personal profile page that they can customize. I can also make any member of my blog a writer! It's a great way for us to encourage, uplift, and empower one another while keeping the content fresh and diversified!



I understand that everyone has a voice to be heard but not everyone has the skill, ability, or platform to do so. I hope that by sharing my blog with others we can create a community that supports, uplifts, and edifies one another. If you feel led to start your own blog, please do so! You can start a blog for free using! I'm simply open to allowing those who'd like to share testimonies, precious pearls of wisdom, knowledge, and revelation that the Lord has dropped on their heart with our community! As a writer and coach I am also inspired to help others develop and cultivate their writing skills! So, you never know if you'll be chosen for a free coaching session with me!

Let's get to writing, reading, and soaring!

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