Rebuild The Wall

Updated: Jun 1

I have a question. Are you struggling to find assignments outside of yourself in this season? Recently, it dropped in my spirit that many are trying to rebuild and put their hands to work, but can't find anything. Then, some are working extra hard and still feel empty, unfulfilled. Perhaps, there is a reason for this?

First things first, please don't get me wrong. Serving and helping others is an absolute honor. No, I'm not referring to serving in the daily tasks and assignments that come with being a wife or mom and taking care of children. If you're blessed with those ministries, that is an honor too. I am referring to when we try to go outside of our "homes" to rebuild ruined walls in places and people's hearts and lives without allowing God to rebuild the ruined walls within us first. I know the dangers of doing this all too well. It's a trap of wanting significance and desiring to leave an impact in the lives of people so badly that you'll sacrifice parts of your process on the altar of helping others. In the end, you manufacture fruit in your life that gives the appearance of wholeness just enough to take on the assignment of healing someone else's brokenness. Love, you can't take on the burdens of others if you're struggling to carry the weight of your own. Nor can you help someone else build in their life what you haven't made in yours.

Has the thought crossed your mind that maybe YOU are your assignment in this season? I know, as selfish as that may sound to some. But really, have you considered that God wants to work on your temple? Your mind? Your heart and spirit? Maybe it's time to rebuild healthy walls that are ruined within you? Life certainly has a way of stripping us of healthy boundaries and causing us to build unhealthy walls to protect ourselves. Harmful barriers that prevent the right people from entering and gaining access to our hearts because we've placed bricks in the hands of abusers, manipulators, and deceivers too many times, hoping they could build with us. Instead, we were left damaged and broken.

Did you know that walls serve many purposes? They are used to support roofs, floors, and ceilings in buildings, help as boundaries; protect from outside threats, and provide shelter and security. Walls also store various types of utilities that are essential to our everyday living. For example, the walls inside your house contain electrical wires that enable you to have electricity. Those same walls retain plumbing so that water can flow freely for your use, and they also store insulation to keep hot and cold air in and out. If walls are essential to building a house in the natural, how much more important are they spiritually? Durable and healthy borders and boundaries are essential.

Perhaps, you've gotten comfortable standing behind a wall of guilt, shame, doubt, unforgiveness, bitterness, loneliness, selfishness, and other broken barriers in the name of preserving yourself from pain?


Come with me on a quick journey through the bible to the book of Nehemiah, where God assigned and sent him to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah was so troubled by the walls being torn down where his ancestors were buried that the king noticed how sad his spirit was. After Nehemiah told him why he was sad, he received permission and instructions from both the king of the Land and The King of Kings to rebuild the ruined walls. Nehemiah moved in silence to inspect the walls and determine what was necessary to rebuild because he was aware of the land's opposition. There were many Ammonites, Ashdodites, and other "ites" who weren't all that excited or happy about hearing of Nehemiah rebuilding the walls. They were probably the very ones who contributed to tearing the wall down in the first place. Nehemiah then called on the Jewish priests and others within the administration to help him rebuild. The strategy God gave him to rebuild the wall was simple but so profound. He told the workers to rebuild the ruined portions of the wall in front of their own house (see Nehemiah 3:28). THIS REVELATION IS POWERFUL! I love how God's commands are so simple and to the point, but we choose to make them difficult. This flesh is something else sometimes!

Please take a moment and envision them working as a team to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, focusing only on the wall's portion directly outside of their house instead of the entire wall. This right here speaks volumes. Too often, we get distracted from working on what God places in front of us because we're too focused on trying to build in our own lives what looks like our promise or, better yet, someone else's. We aren't content with our portion, so we covet everybody else's. We can't work on the character flaws and broken areas in our hearts that need healing, transformation, and rebuilding because we're too fixated on what needs to shift in the people around us.