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Mentoring & Coaching Services

Private Coaching


MetamorpHERsis Group Mentoring


This group mentoring program is designed to help wounded women heal, get unstuck, grow, and experience true freedom in their lives! It will transform the way you think by learning how to renew your mind after trauma; the way you feel by teaching you how to improve your confidence and self-worth; It will transform the way you live by empowering your total well-being, activating your authenticity, and inspiring you to grow and become all you desire and all God designed you to be as a woman. 

Group coaching includes access to:

  • 12-Week Signature Group Mentoring Program

  • 4-Stage Roadmap to becoming healed, Empowered, and Resilient

  • Access to self-development guides, resources, and life-transforming content.

  • Transformed By Truth (Prophetic Counseling & Faith Refining Sessions)

  • Weekly Live Group Coaching 

  • A community of like-minded women to be encouraged & inspired.

  • Unlimited access via emails  & Texts *during work hours*

If you are ready to be Healed, Empowered, and Resilient so that you can transform your life in the areas that matter most, join me along with like-minded women ready to SOAR!

Individual Services



Edit Her Ink offers writing  coaching, manuscript editing , tools, resources and guidance to empower the writHER in you. If you are ready to amplify your voice and release your God-given message, don't delay!


Brand Your YOU!

Do you need help brainstorming ideas, believing in your vision, and building your brand? Tacondra is known as a MasterbuildHER and is ready to help guide you in branding Your Own Uniqueness! 

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