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Why Mentor With Me?


Unlike the average person, I’ve never been one to follow traditional paths. There is nothing conventional about me or my life story. I became pregnant at age 17, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at age 18, and then married my childhood sweetheart (her father) at age 19. I learned quickly how to balance being a young mom, wife, and the life of enduring transitions and overcoming obstacles of being a military spouse over a period of 16 years. My process of becoming hasn't been easy. Like you, I still see myself as a work of art; always changing and progressing. I simply get to share my process, wisdom, and systems with others. Over the last 16 years I have learned to do things backward, but all the while, I've been living in my future (that might be too deep for you to understand right now). 

I believe my journey has properly positioned me as the transformation strategist and path processor I am today. I help people go and grow through their PROCESSES!  Navigating your process in life is the one thing I nor anyone else can guarantee you'll get right because it has a path of its own. I'm simply a guide, not the ride to your final destination. I discovered my passion for helping other women who feel lost, stuck, and hopeless in life to rediscover their identity, shift their perspective, and gain clarity about their purpose after healing from trauma. For years I lived life in confusion, silently suffocating in fear, depression, anxiety, rejection, unbelief, barrenness, and hopelessness in my life. My brokenness ran deeper than you could imagine, but by God's grace, my healing and transformation are much greater!  

Tacondra The Coach

Questions & Answers

What is Mentoring With Tacondra Like?


While there are varied definitions and descriptions about what mentoring entails, the solutions I bring often results in a shift in your self-image and consciousness; a fundamental change in your worldview and perception of God, others, your life, yourself and what’s possible both personally and collectively.

How Do You Know If Mentoring With Me Is For You? 


Mentoring with me is suitable for people who are feeling the inner urge to grow, evolve, and become the most authentic expression of themselves possible. This involves shifting in a way that honors who you are at your core and growing into whom you’re meant to become, rather than living life based on conditioning and limiting beliefs about whom you or people feel you should be.


When Do You Know It’s Time For Your Transformation? 

While some people experience a spontaneous transformation, the majority of the time it is triggered by a crisis or transition in our life. We may experience a serious health issue and as a result, we begin to question what is important in our life or if our illness has something to teach us.  Others may find themselves with the loss of identity after a traumatic loss or experience (job loss, death of a loved one, divorce, physical loss, etc.)

I If you are ready to experience transformation with me, click the link to send an email to request more information! 

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