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 Healing & Freedom

Tacondra L. Brown

Be Healed. Empowered. Restored.

Tacondra is a well-known healing and transformational leader who mentors wounded women to being healed and set free from ungodly beliefs and spiritual oppression that hinders them from believing, building, and becoming all God desires and designed them to be in Jesus Christ.

Tacondra is a partner with Liberty In Christ Ministries and also ministers inner healing and deliverance to those seeking freedom from oppression. She also teaches how to stay free by educating on matters about mindset transformation, healing soul and spirit wounds from trauma, overcoming fear, identity in Christ, and more. 

Healed. Empowered. Restored.



Click the icon to receive a FREE Guide on healing, transforming, and becoming everything you desire and everything God designed! 

Experience Transformation

Mentoring is transformational, not just transactional and quality mentorship is better than free mentorship! Mentoring with Tacondra will help heal, empower, and build the best version of YOU!  

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