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"My tongue is the pen of a ready writer"

Psalm 45:1

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Our Mission

Edit HER Ink exists to empower women of faith called to write and release their stories. Whether you're a pastor, preacher, or just a prophetic writer,  our goal is to help you process, perfect, and publish your God-given message for the masses. 

Are You A Prophetic Writer?

  • You don't consider yourself to be the best writer, but you are burdened with a message from the heart and mind of God.

  • Your writing is different but consistent in particular subjects.

  • You are sensitive to what God is saying or doing in a particular moment and you're called to write, amplify His voice, educate, and bring about awareness, confirmation, encouragement, or instructions in different areas. 

  • You often write stories, memoirs, spoken words or poems of healing, hope, and freedom to release people from bondage and build them up.

Do you have a desire to publish your story and writings but don't know how? 

Let us help you!

Tacondra L Brown
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What We Offer

Edit Her Ink offers writing  coaching, manuscript editing , tools, resources and more to  equip, empower, and cultivate the writHER in you. If you are ready to amplify your voice and release your God-given message, don't delay!